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Although normally filled with 10 cartridges, for some reason a small number were made for and marked as holding ELEVEN cartridges. The M3 grenade launcher cartridges were used in the M1903, M1917 and M1 rifles with all the WW2 and later types of launchers, but not the WW1 “VB” launchers.5.00 (View Picture) 18901 10 CARTRIDGES, RIFLE GRENADE, M3 - Full box that has been opened, with headstamp FA 4 on the cartridges.Miscellaneous essays wrap-up the Northern side of the story. Virtually every regular and experimental round from .22 rimfire through .50 BMG and Trench Gun ammo is included with unbelievable detail and superbly done accurate detailed drawings and images of boxes. Compiled from decades of research at the National Archives, military, public, and private museums and libraries, as well as individual collections, this contains all available information on military small arms ammunition from 1880-1939.Regular price is 9.90 but we are selling the set of three volumes with FREE SHIPPING INCLUDED for only 5.00 (View Picture) 18812 HISTORY OF MODERN US MILITARY SMALL ARMS AMMUNITION VOLUME 1, 1880-1939 by Hackley, Woodin & Scranton- REVISED edition - An absolutely essential book for anyone interested in U. Addendum to Volume 1 with 28 pages of additional information, research, and corrections to volume 1.(344 pages) Part One covers Federal rifle musket and smoothbore ammunition.Detailed information on the Ordnance Department, Northern arsenals, patents, designers, & manufacturers of Federal musket ammunition.

We have a nice assortment of ammuniton for collectors, best in the area of U. 18818 CIVIL WAR SMALL ARMS AMMUNITION-ROUNDBALL TO RIMFIRE- THREE VOLUME SET!

Shrink wrapped in plastic for display so the somewhat grungy cartridges are not accessible to be handled and hurt your reputation as only collecting the finest condition items. .00 (View Picture) 18887 20 CALIBER .30 GUARD CARTRIDGES, MODEL OF 1906 (1908 dated) - For Model of 1903 Rifles- Full SEALED box loaded at Frankford Arsenal in 1908 according to the date stamped on the top.